What is Hypnotherapy?


Hypnosis is a type of psychotherapy – the oldest in the Western world

‘Hypno' derives from the Greek word for sleep. In hypnotherapy, you are achieving a state of deep relaxation, temporarily changing how specific areas of your brain work and connect. You’re then free to think and feel differently.

Guided by a skilful and professionally qualified hypnotherapist these changed interactions enable you to make significant changes – releasing yourself from unhelpful thoughts, feelings and habits, liberating yourself from anxiety, reducing and managing pain, transforming behaviours and perceptions. All of this so that you are calmly living more of the life you want.

Is it right for me? The important stuff

Most people can reap transformative benefit from a course of Hypnotherapy. The re are a small number for whom a hypnotic state proves unachievable. Equally, there are some for whom it comes extremely easy. The only way to find out if it works for you is to try! That’s why we offer a free introductory session [do you?] during which we will see how well we think we can work together, discuss what you want to achieve and agree a protocol for how we can team-up to transform your life.

We want you to feel safe at all times. This is the clinical advice from www.nhs.uk, which we endorse.

Certain groups of people should not use hypnotherapy, for example those who suffer from psychosis or have a personality disorder. In other cases, it may be best to consult your GP before considering hypnotherapy, for example if you have epilepsy. If you suffer from other mental health issues or have a serious illness such as cancer, it is advisable to seek out a hypnotherapist who is trained in working with people who have your particular condition.

In addition, we offer you the opportunity to bring a friend with you to early sessions, simply to put you at ease, increasing your confidence in the process. They will not be actively involved in our discussions or the Hypnotherapy that follows, but they will be present.

What’s it like?

When you are ‘hypnotised’, it means simply that you’re in a highly-relaxed state, like a prolonged daydream. You cannot achieve a highly-relaxed hypnotic state against your will. You are never outside of your own control, never rendered helpless during the process. And contrary to popular myth, quackery and the stuff of stage shows, Hypnotherapists do not take control of your mind nor of your thoughts. You are in a conscious state throughout.


Hypnotherapy methods:

All the following types are available, as I have been professionally trained in each.

Clinical hypnotherapy involves the therapist informing a series of ‘suggestions’ to the client, with a view to positively influence their feelings, behaviours and thoughts. This form of hypnotherapy is often used in situations where there is no root cause that needs addressing, and can also be used effectively to result in change within a limited number of sessions.

What happens in a session?

We begin a session by discussing the issues you want to bring, building the outcomes you want to achieve, always making sure they are realistic and practical.

We will discuss and agree the outcome you’re seeking for the session in hand and agree the ‘suggestions’ that will enable you to disband old habits and connections in favour of new and helpful thoughts, behaviours and feelings. These are the suggestions that your Hypnotherapist will introduce to you when your brain is in an hypnotic state so that you can make new connections unfettered by the old.

How many sessions might I need?

This depends how deep-rooted, layered and complex a presenting issue may be. We will explore this through conversation. Some issues are quick to resolve, some multi-layered. Some habits are stubborn, some are quick to drop away. It really is a matter of having an open exchange between us.

If you want some guidance as to cost, please go to the section on pricing.

A short example clip

Confidentiality and Professionalism

I am a professionally qualified clinical Hypnotherapist, registered with the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and the Hampshire School of Hypnotherapy

I am also qualified in complementary specialist skills of Mindfulness, Gastric Band and Smoking Cessation

I am a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register, so adhering to the Hypnotherapist Professional Code of Conduct and complying with requirements for continued professional development and supervision.

I am a member of the Information Commissioner’s Office (ico),complying with the 1988 Data Protection Act and Freedom of Information requests.

What can I help you with?

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whisky barrel

Hypnotherapy can also be used to help you to reduce the amount of alcohol you consume, whether it is wine, beer or spirits. I use a combination of NLP and hypnosis to help you drink less and even abstain from alcohol all together. I can help you with reducing your consumption of alcohol after work, during the week or at weekends.


  • Hypnosis can safely help with anxiety that can lead to panic attacks, even resulting in compulsive eating, OCD and even drinking too much.
  • Anxiety can also result in feelings of guilt, dread, frustration and paranoia. With these issues it can result in a feeling of demotivation and the circle starts again.



To lose family close to you is the worst feeling ever. To lose a friend or lover is as bad. There is a very large part of you that has just disappeared and that void hurts. It doesn’t mean that through hypnotherapy you will forget about them but it can make remembering them a lot easier to cope with. No one can appreciate the sadness that you feel unless they have experienced it themselves. I have recently lost my Mum and it has broken my heart but with hypnotherapy I can think of her without crying all the time. Hypnotherapy can help you cushion the pain of loss.

Break Ups

To lose a boyfriend/girlfriend or partner due to rejection or divorce can also create a void and hypnotherapy can give you gain back your strength and the courage to carry on and be in control of your life once again.



Feeling confident in ourselves plays a major role throughout our entire lives. Confidence is directly linked to the level of success we attain in our relationships, careers and all of our undertakings. The more confidence you have, the more likely you are to accomplish your desired goals in life. Unfortunately, most people struggle with a lack of confidence to some degree or another. They often feel that their lives are not nearly what they could be. This is why improving one’s confidence level is a target for so many people. Confidence is not necessarily something you either have or you don’t. You’re not just born with it. It is absolutely something that can be developed. Because feeling confident can have such a significant impact, it is very worthwhile to find ways to increase it. I can help with strengthening your self-belief and confidence through hypnotherapy.

To help you increase your confidence, I will talk to you while you are in a relaxed state and address the particular issues you have, such as feeling more confident with the opposite sex, or in your career, or speaking in front of people. These issues will be initially discussed during the consultation so I can tailor to fit the hypnotic sessions to your particular goals and needs with regards to your confidence issues.

Creative performance


This is another area that I can relate to, being a creative person myself. If you’re an artist, writer, performer, musician or film maker, you have probably experienced stress and frustration when your mind goes blank and your ideas dry up. When you lack inspiration and motivation then you should schedule an appointment for a creative enhancement hypnotherapy session. Through the use of NLP and hypnotherapy, I have designed a programme that can help you relax, clear your mind, and get your mojo back.

This technique can also help reduce personal performance anxiety whether in sport to enhance performance or even walking into a room full of people. It can help you stay calm, ease your nerves and build your confidence so you can perform to your best.

Dental Issues


People tend to be quite afraid of visiting the dentist, for a variety of reasons. Hypnosis can help you feel more at ease with your appointments. In fact it can help you with reducing phobias, fears and panic attacks. It will help you feel at ease and in control. Relaxed and safe during your dental appointment even calm you for your yearly check-up. It can help you with worries about injections, the noise of the dentist drill, fillings, crowns or any dental procedure even root canals and molar extractions. All your current anxieties can be diminished and you will feel calm that nothing can or will go wrong.

Driving Phobias

Worried about driving in the city or narrow country lanes? Nervous about being behind the wheel or as a passenger to others? Then hypnotherapy will help you overcome these issues. Perhaps you have had an accident and need that support to help you just get back into the car. A few sessions with me and these issues can be resolved.


With the help of hypnotherapy I can help find the root cause to your type of jealousy and effectively dissolve the seed from where it grows. I can help you overcome that painful feeling of always thinking ‘am I good enough?’ or ‘why am I so jealous and desire other people’s property or actions?’. Through the use of NLP and other interventions I have formulised, I can help you with this little green goblin. I have specially designed a programme for helping the following types of jealousy that you may be suffering from.

Jealousy towards - family members, girl/boyfriends, husband, wife, ex’s, friends, colleagues, managers or even your boss. I can help you with your jealousy about other peoples’ wealth and money, love life and relationships or even other peoples’ success. Jealousy can come in many guises and perhaps may boil down to your lack of self-esteem that causes relationship problems due to jealousy and insecurity. Lack of trust can also trigger this very strong emotion. Hypnotherapy can help you come to terms with and disperse the green eyed monster.


happy couple

This is a very interesting field in hypnotherapy as no two people or couples are the same. I will adapt this method of hypnosis to suit your needs - whether it is building confidence with a person, or leaving and moving on from bad relationships. You have to be happy in life, and I can help you feel at ease with who you are and not suffer guilt, remorse or insecurity. Hypnotherapy is significantly effective at helping you to overcome your relationship problems and gain confidence, improve your self-esteem and self-worth.

I can help you with a broken heart; rejection; unrequited love; affairs; difficult times with your husband, wife, boy/girl friend or same sex partner; problems with your ex’s; getting over someone; shame; anger; jealousy; even sadness.

"Men are from Mars and women are from Venus", you can say that again. But even though we are like two different species, we still feel and crave the same things, whether it is companionship or freedom. I can again help you with this as most, if not all the above, I have experienced myself in one way or another.

Hypnotherapy is a very helpful, supportive and empowering technique as it can also help you with your poise, self-assurance and composure when meeting someone new.

Skin Conditions

facelift before and after

  • Hypnosis can help you retrain your muscles to help smooth away creases and lines from your face. Movement triggered by thoughts called the Ideomotor Movement can be achieved. I use this technique when I talk to your subconscious, that helps to influence the messages to retrain the muscles in your face.
  • Skin issues can also be helped through hypnotherapy. It has been noted especially in teenagers that there is a significant improvement in poor skin conditions creating an all over clearer, healthy looking complexion. When this is used with a traditional skin cleansing and washing programme the results are dramatically improved. Diet is also a valuable extra for you to be aware of and with my nutritional advice I can also help and support improved skin texture.

Feeling tired or run down? Well come and have a mind face lift to get you back on track. It will last a couple of days and with regular sessions can help you re-train the muscles in your face to look more youthful. Perhaps you would have the one session just before a big event or interview?. The above images are the before and after one sitting no lighting just a normal phone camera.


no smoking sign
  • Scientific studies show that hypnosis is the most effective way to stop smoking. That’s sounds quite a bold statement but a study by Johns Hopkins Hospital in America found that there is a 95% success rate in curing smokers. The New Scientist magazine also reports that hypnosis is the most successful way of quitting smoking. Mr Spiegel, a leading psychiatrist, has said it has “tremendous medical implications”.
  • My type of program can help both moderate and heavily addicted smokers and works irrespective of how many cigarettes you smoke or for how long you have smoked. After the stop smoking program you will experience a greatly reduced desire to smoke to even having no cravings at all, no withdrawal symptoms and no weight gain. You will have no interest in smoking and no fear of failure but you have to really want to stop smoking for this technique to be truly successful. As I say in my introduction, believe you can and you are half way there. I just help with the second half.


stressed woman

  • There must have been a time when you felt at peace and relaxed. I can help you find that inner peace again. Imagine feeling relaxed and in control every day and having the knowledge to take yourself through to that calm place when difficulties around you have arisen. I can help you to achieve CALM.
  • Negativity and stress can weaken your immune system, leaving you vulnerable to illness, high blood pressure, heart disease and many other serious conditions. We all suffer from stress at times and a little stress can be a good thing as it creates adrenaline that enhances our movements and thoughts. But sometimes stress can feel like it is taking over our lives and you are constantly worrying about siuations and ‘what if’s’.
  • Hypnotherapy is a very safe, natural and lasting way to reduce and manage stress and related symptoms. Through hypnotherapy, I can put you back on the right level and reduce your stress so that you can sleep better, see things in perspective and be in control of your life. I can treat a range of different forms of stress that may arise from, work, life events, relationships, marriage, a new job, driving, home life and many other situations. Unlike other forms of stress relief, hypnotherapy really tackles the underlying issues to bring about deeper lasting changes. You can expect to feel a lot calmer and feel more balanced and stable, allowing you to handle and manage stress effectively.

Weight Issues

Binge eating, bulimia, food related problems.

This is very close to my heart as I have struggled with food related issues all my life and at last have found a therapy through hypnotherapy to help me. Now I wish to help you. I can specifically target the key issues that stop you from losing weight which may include binge eating, cravings for fast food, take-always or desserts.

Your addiction to certain foods or drinks, your lack of motivation to exercise or procrastination, I can even help with your proportion control.

My weight loss program can help stop the vicious circle that you can get trapped in, the eating, feeling guilty, and then putting on more weight. I can specifically target the emotions before and after eating; help prevent withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Imagine how free you would feel if you simply didn’t crave or desire food in the first place. You can eat to live not live to eat.

By spending a few sessions with me I can help you with your eating patterns, know when to stop eating, eat less and less often, feel the desire to move and exercise more, manage boredom and control emotional eating.

If weight loss is not a primary goal and you just wish to reduce your desires for certain foods (e.g. crisps, chocolate, or carbs) then hypnotherapy can help you, it helped me.


An A_Z list of issues I can help with

  1. Agoraphobia - Animal Fears (snakes, birds, rodents, insects, dogs, cats) – Addictions - Anger management – Arthritis
  2. Bed Wetting – Bereavement – Blushing - Body image – Bulimia - Blood fears
  3. Compulsion (touching things, superstitions, food, wine.)- Confidence (job interviews, relationships, peers.)- Claustrophobia (in confined spaces or even under water.)– Competitions (public or exams.) – Commitment – Computer addiction.
  4. Dental Phobia – Depression – Dark ( cinemas, night, dark settings.)
  5. Ego Strengthening - Exam nerves - Elevators (stairs or lifts) – eating in public – Eating too much.
  6. Fear (Flying –– heights – injections – needles – tests – exams – germs – dirt – claustrophobia – blood – speaking in public – dark – lightning) Failing - Money.
  7. Grinding teeth – Germ and bacteria phobias (relating to transport, public places or toilets).
  8. Hypnotherapy Gastric Band – Heights ( office buildings, flats , food/bar areas on a high level)
  9. Illness worry - Irritable Bowel Syndrome (I.B.S.) (The Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has recognised hypnotherapy as a possible treatment for IBS in those who haven’t responded to other treatments. – Insomnia ( Most sleep problems relate to anxiety, stress and worry. If a medical issue please see your Doctor first.)
  10. Jealousy – Job interviews or reviews. Job Moving or Relationships with peers.
  11. Kindness in case it shows weakness.
  12. Life Change Development (Heart Attacks, Divorce, Moving house) – Lightning and Thunder – Loss.
  13. Male/Female Sexual Problems – Migraine – Money and finances – Meetings and presentations.
  14. Nail Biting - Noise irritation
  15. O.C.D and neatness - fear of it being in control.
  16. Pain - Panic Attacks - Performance Anxiety – Phobias – PMT - Post-Operation Confidence/ Nerves - Pre-Birth Relaxation – Public speaking
  17. Quietness and being alone.
  18. Relaxation - Restless Legs – Relationships (family, friends, partners, work colleagues, neighbours)
  19. Self-Hypnosis - Skin issues – Socialising - Sport Enhancement – Stammering.
  20. Texting - Tests( assessments ) - Teeth Grinding – Tinnitus – Trauma - Travel Nerves
  21. University (school or professional exams). Urine control.
  22. Voyeurism - Victim Recovery
  23. Web addiction - Wetting the bed.
  24. X- rated porn addiction
  25. Y ...
  26. Z Perhaps you can tell me?


Telephone consultation - FREE

1/2 hour face-to-face consultation - £20 (refundable against a subsequently booked session).

Once you have booked your consultation you can pay in advance using PayPal or a debit/credit card on the Payment page - click Here. Alternatively you may pay by cash on arrival.

All sessions include a free recording for you to listen to at home

Session fees £70 for approximately 1 - 11/2 Hours

Concessions - Over 60's/Recipients of Health Benefits - Session fees £55 - Children and Students - Session fees £55

Hypno Gastric Band - £300 (3 sessions, 4th session free for band adjustment/removal - 4 sessions required to complete)

Smoking Cessation - £200 (2 sessions)

For home visits, a charge of £10 will be added

No concessions for Hypno Gastric Band and Smoking Cessation therapies