Calm Hart Hypnotherapy

Lyneth Howells-Snodden BA (Hons), P.G.C.E., A.T.C., Dip. HSOH. NT.

After 26 years of being a creative middle teacher in education, my life drastically changed. After suffering three heart attacks and spending a week in a coma, my near death experience left me having to begin all over again. I had to relearn how to walk and talk, to slow my life right down, and I decided that I needed to change the path I was on. Using my love of art and the power of my mind, I decided to reshape who I was. Revisiting my degree, I retrained and have now become a professional educator and therapist. I believe that through my life experiences, I have the empathy and understanding to help you confront your problems and achieve your goals and desires in life.

I am well placed to offer extended empathy and understanding to clients and their problems. I had to change my life completely and in doing so realised I can also help others on their journey to overcome weight issues, smoking, anxiety attacks, stress, confidence, phobias, psychosomatic reactions and family bereavement through cancer, having overcome all these problems myself. Through my therapies, I have helped many clients from all age groups and particularly enjoy working with issues that I myself have overcome as this is my way of sharing my experiences for the good of others. I have always believed: teach what you know to be true. I was given a second chance at life and now I want to turn around the lives of others. I have a compelling personality and my enthusiasm to help shines through. So, if you would like me to help you, all you have to do is believe you can and you’re half way there.

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Why Choose Me?

Serenity and peace of mind.

With me you know you can have COMPLETE CONFIDENCE you will be working with an empathetic and highly experienced hypnotherapist and degree knowledge of psychology , philosophy and sociology.

Distinctive Qualifications.

As one of only a handful of Hypnotherapists in the UK who has achieved my skill I am relatively unique. My clients get the benefit of powerful, dynamic therapeutic care alongside the compassion, professionalism and clinical knowledge of an educationalist and advisor.

Most hypnotherapists are only clinical hypnotherapists, but my skills and expertise allow me to take a deeper and broader perspective to meet my client’s needs in a way that just being a hypnotherapist alone would never allow.

Highly Regulated and Accountable.

My practice is strictly regulated by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC - link below) and I am a member of the Hampshire Hypnosis group and the organisation called Beauty Harmony and Balance.

Broad understanding and skill.

Whatever issues or problems you need to help to change, I am highly skilled and confident dealing sensitively with all manner of issues, from straight forward to complex or distressing issues.

Validated and Certified Treatments.

I offer effective and dynamic therapeutic interventions in hypnotherapy, hypnosis, NLP, life coaching and mind-body therapies. I will not charge for consultation or sessions fees, if I feel I cannot help you with your problem.

From this 'tool box' of available methods, I tailor and formulate an effective treatment approach for you and your individual needs.

Distinctive Skills.

I am warm, genuine, intuitive and non-judgemental and I am confident and delighted to offer my services to you.

Current Therapeutic Approach.

I use a fresh, unique contemporary approach to hypnosis and treatment, incorporating the latest evidence based methods with validated and long established treatments. I approach every person I work with as a unique and precious individual. No one else has your story, your body, or is affected by your issues the way they affect you.


I am so passionate about the positive benefits that excellent professional hypnotherapy can bring to people; it has changed my life as I know it will change yours. The privilege of being able to provide you with this service is by far the most rewarding and satisfying part of my career to date. If you chose me as your hypnotherapist, I am confident you will feel some of my passion too.

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  • Bachelor of Art Education in Aesthetics and Psychology – Philosophy – Sociology BA(Hons)
  • Post Graduate degree Art Educationalist
  • Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy with Distinction (Dip. Clin. Hyp)
  • Diploma in IMR Hypnotherapy and Parts Specialist.
  • National Certificate for Smoking Cessation and Training as a Registered Stop Smoking Practitioner
  • Certified Gastric Band Hypnotherapist
  • Qualified Educationalist and teacher P.G.C.E
  • Diploma in NLP Practitioner.
  • Hypnosis Pain Management Specialist
  • Educational Performance Practitioner
  • Talking and Drawing Practitioner
  • Diploma Nutritional Therapy

I am committed to regular Continuing Professional Development and Education in the fields of Hypnotherapy, Counselling and Coaching.

I have been trained personally by leaders in the field including Roy Hunter (widely acknowledged to be one of the world's leading authorities in Hypnosis and Parts Therapy) and Lorraine Gleeson ( founder of the Hampshire College of Hypnotherapy) with knowledge of Richard Bandler (Co-founder of NLP), Paul McKenna (Motivational Speaker and Hypnotist)


"I have nothing but love and thanks for Lyneth. Finding myself time and time again at the end of a road with nobody to help; my mind and body hitting a constant wall of defence whenever a "professional" would try to connect with me, our paths eventually crossed and I have never looked back. From the relaxed, laid back, non-clinical approach, as soon as you enter her space, her life experiences outweighing theory based learning and place her in such a strong position as a therapist. In my experience, there is no greater way to connect with others, than if you have experienced similar situations first hand and Lyneth's experiences have no bounds.

"Her relaxed methods both guide and support you concurrently and make you feel that you are always in safe hands; more importantly you feel that your life storey is secure and shall never leave the four walls from within which it was told.

"It is this special person, and the atmosphere that she creates which allows even the most resilient of souls to open up and befriend her and her methods.

"With such comfort, trust, respect and understanding many, like myself, can have burdens lifted, changes come to fruition and confidence restored.

"If you have any troubles or physical restraints, take an hour out of your life and see Lyneth. Be free, love others and most importantly learn to love yourself.

"Thank you Lyneth for turning my life around and showing me there is more to living, life and 'ME'."

Graham 45

"Having never had hypnotherapy before, I was quite nervous on my first session but was quickly put at ease by Lyneth with a thorough explanation of the process prior to starting. Initially I had a simple relaxation session to get me used to the process and to make sure I was comfortable with everything.

"The lovely surroundings in Lyneth's home, particularly the therapy room, and her hospitality were second to none and really helped to ensure it didn't feel like a shrink's office! I felt safe and at ease and ready for the commencement of the session.

"I must admit I was a little sceptical at first but am open to alternative therapies but soon after Lyneth started the session it was obvious that she had quickly managed to connect with my sub conscious. After the first session I definitely felt relaxed and slept so well that night! Feeling comfortable to proceed with further sessions, Lyneth was able to take me down further and get to the bottom of a couple of issues. Admittedly, some of the feelings experienced were a little odd but not scary, just odd, especially when I am usually so "in control" of my life, to unconsciously have unexpected reactions really opened my eyes to the level at which your sub-conscious works. Any scepticism I had went out the window and, once again, at the end of the session I felt a sense of a weight off my shoulders, a certain contentment and relaxation.

"Lyneth is very professional and seems to have a natural attunement with people. I never felt like I was "out of control" at any time and I certainly wasn't made to do anything I didn't feel comfortable with (not like you often see on the TV!).

"It's difficult to explain in words the feeling one has after a hypnotherapy session but I can recommend that you try it to find out for yourself. All positive improvement!!

"I strongly recommend Lyneth's services. She is an amazing hypnotherapist, amongst many other skills. Her practice is very inviting, homely and comfortable."

Rachel 36

"I went to visit Lyneth to help with my problems with anxiety. After just one session with her I already started to feel relaxed and at ease. I had never tried hypnotherapy before and this is something I would definitely recommend. It wasn't scary at all, it was the complete opposite and Lyneth made me feel relaxed and confident. I attended two sessions and found the therapy to be exceptional. I felt at total ease with the CBT hypnosis technique she applies to each session as she makes you feel very comfortable throughout and I easily slipped into a state of hypnosis. You are always aware of what is happening and can relax knowing that you are being supported throughout. She is very calming, welcoming and puts you at ease and has a positive influence to help you overcome your fears and anxieties. An excellent therapist and I have no hesitation in recommending."

Jayne 59

"I have always held hypnotherapy in mild contempt sceptical of its value and effect. I had one session with Lyneth as I suffer from headaches and let's just say I'm no longer a sceptic ..... And I didn't have a headache when I left. Thank you Lyneth for opening a new avenue of self help I would never have believed it!"

Lynn 47

"It is very much Lyneth's skill and experience as a practitioner, that I believe has been the key factor in my improvement. Specifically, she has helped me gain a deep insight into the underlying thought processes that have created and sustained problems such as social anxiety and lack of self-belief. I feel significantly better in the knowledge that Lyneth's help and guidance, combined with her therapeutic techniques, have made a real difference where many previous attempts have failed. I would strongly recommend her services to anyone experiencing similar problems."

Sally 52